Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Post

It is October 12th and this is the first post on this blog.  My sabbatical is now almost two and one-half months old.  Alice and I have been in the Intermountain West since August 5th or so.  Alice's sabbatical has proceeded according to the academic sabbatical plan - Alice has worked a hell of a lot.  I have worked equally hard, though at things other than writing a book.  Even with all of Alice's real work, we have spent a lot of time at the following endeavors in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada:

hiking in the Tetons,

wild flower viewing (Tetons),

confronting wildlife (Tetons),

talking with moose (Mt. Timpanogos, Utah),

contemplating terminal and lateral moraines (base of the Grand Teton, west side),

photographing conglomerates, for a certain geology professor (Mt. Ogden, Utah),

lunching at alpine lakes (Ruby Mountains, Nevada),

using fire for atmosphere and warmth (Rubies),

sleeping wherever and whenever possible (naps are good)(Arches National Park, Utah),

more hiking (Arches),

visiting Anasazi ruins (Moonhouse Ruin, McCloyd Canyon, Utah),

with its strange creature painted on the wall,

and reaching apparent barriers up narrow canyons (upper Fry Canyon, Utah),

attempting to overcome same,

and sometimes succeeding,

and sometimes not (Gravel Canyon, Utah),

marveling at rock art (San Juan River, Utah),

(Procession Panel, Butler Wash, Utah),

what does it mean? (Cold Springs Cave, Butler Wash),

surviving an early season snow storm on the way to southern Utah to ride the White Rim Trail (Roan Cliffs, central Utah),

riding the White Rim with Alice and Danny (standing on Mussleman Arch, Canyonlands National Park)(doesn't get better than that),

day hiking in Yellowstone with the boy,

(lower falls in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone),

road biking with Alice on the Island in the Sky road in Canyonlands,

and up the old access road to Snow Basin, Utah,

learning how to ride over cattle guards (Crystal Summit Road, southern Idaho)(turns out, they are not problem if you are going 10 mph or so),

riding through the wheat fields of south eastern Idaho,

learning to avoid fresh laid chip and seal the hard way,

did I mention being with the family?,

seeing fantastic formations (south fork, Mule Canyon, Utah),

avoiding forest and range fires (picture taken from Alice's Mom's road in Pocatello, Idaho).

I could go on.

We are about to leave the West.  Should be back in Hamp mid next week.

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